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Lukey Carpenter-Marriage & Civil Union Celebrant

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Celebrant serivces

I know this can be a little daunting but step by step, we can do this!  Read through the basic steps we will go through to get you both to your magical day.  I have come up with a really good, stress free plan developed over time.  I break the ceremony down into 3 parts; Introduction, Vows & Ring Exchange.  I send heaps of ideas and examples for each step and collate it all into your ceremony plan.

Our First Meeting

This is a "get to know" meeting so I can learn about you, your family/Whanau and what type of ceremony you want.  I am more than happy to come to you wherever you are located.  I can offer ideas, suggestions and also look at special requirements you might be thinking of such as including children, family members or pets.   You may like to also incorporate special traditions such as sand or candle ceremonies, include poems or speeches. We discuss the location, back up location if needed and the obtaining of a marriage license.

The Marriage Vows & Ring Exchange

Writing your vows

There are certain words that need to be included in your vows including, “I, JimJones take you, Jane Doe to be my wife/husband” (or words to that effect). The rest is up to you and I encourage you both to take the time to write your own vows.  This is where you create your wedding story.  I have heaps of examples that I share with you.  The ring exchange is similar to the vows.  I send through heaps of examples to choose from, rewrite or combine a few.

Your Ceremony

Here is where I/We create the ceremony you want.  By now, we would have done a "Bride & Groom Profile" Your wishes and ideas are incorporated into the ceremony here.  We incorporate your own personal vows or we work together.  This can be done with another visit of via e-mail.  Its at this stage that I take notes and include any information, stories, memories etc into the vows.  I then create a rough draft for you to read and edit.  

Your special ceremony

Your Rehearsal

Although we will not be speaking the vows, it is at this time that we will do a full rehearsal including the brides entrance, where the wedding party will stand/sit, where the guests will stand/sit, location of signing table, who will have the rings, how the bride and groom would like to be announced.  This will give you a good idea of how it will all fall into place and and is a chance for last minute changes of you are not completely happy.

Personal and loving ceremony plan

Your Wedding Day

Nerves bubbling – it's ok because all that planning is about to bring your dream to life!
I arrive at least half an hour early to check in with all relevant people (venue manager, close family, MC, readers, musicians) and check the ceremony set up. 
No doubt the groom will be nervous so I will be there all they way offering encouragement and reassurance.

I conduct your ceremony in a very warm and sensitive manner, engaging easily with both you and your guests. 

I am always excited to announce you both as a married couple as I ask you to seal it all with a kiss.

You’ve done it. Congratulations!!!