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2019 Availability

If you are anything like me, I like to have as much information as possible.  Please find below my dates of availability.  I also take bookings during the week so if you don't see your date below, please enquire.

WEEKDAY BOOKINGS:  If you are planning on getting married through the week, please enquire about dates.

DISCOUNTED SAME DAY BOOKINGS:  As the popular dates fill up, I have found it necessary to offer 2 bookings per day over the busy weekends.  All bookings below are afternoon sessions (2-6pm).  I am now offering a discounted rate if you are considering a morning session (10-1pm),  All morning bookings (with the exception of registry style weddings) will be discounted by $100 no matter which package you choose or location.

January 2019

January 4th (Friday)                 BOOKED
January 5th (saturday)             Available
January 6th (Sunday)              BOOKED
January 12th (Saturday)          Available
January 13th (Sunday)             Available
January 17th (Thursday)         BOOKED
January 19th (Saturday)          BOOKED
January 20th (Sunday)           Available
January 26th (Saturday)        BOOKED
January 27th (Sunday)             Available
January 30th (Wednesday)    BOOKED

February 2019

February 2nd (Saturday)               BOOKED

February 3rd (Sunday)                  Available

February 9th (Saturday)               BOOKED

February 10th (Sunday)                 Available

February 16th (Saturday)               BOOKED

February 17th (Sunday)                  Available

February 23rd (Saturday)              BOOKED

February 24th (Sunday)                 BOOKED

March 2019

March  2nd (saturday)               BOOKED

March 3rd (Sunday)                  Available

March 9th (Saturday)               BOOKED

March 10th (Sunday)                 Available

March 16th (Saturday AM)       BOOKED   

March 16th (Saturday PM)       BOOKED  

March 17th (Sunday)                  Available

March 23rd (Saturday)              BOOKED

March 24th (Sunday)                 Available

March 30th (Saturday)              BOOKED

March 31st (Sunday)                    Available

April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

April 6th (Saturday)                  BOOKED

April 7th (Sunday)                    Available

April 13th & 14th                        Available

April 20th (Saturday)              BOOKED

April 21st (Sunday)                    Available

April 26th (Friday)                    BOOKED

April 27th (Saturday)               BOOKED

April 28th (Sunday)                  BOOKED

May 4th & 5th                                 Available

May 10th (Friday)                           BOOKED

May 11th & 12th                                Available

May 18th (Saturday)                       Available

May 19th (Sunday)                          BOOKED

May 25th & 26th                             Available

June 1st (Saturday)                       BOOKED

June 2nd (Sunday)                       Available

June 8th (Saturday)                     BOOKED

June 9th (Sunday)                         Available

June 15th & 16th                            Available

June 22nd & 23rd                          Available

June 29th & 30th                          Available

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

July 6th & 7th                                 Available

July 13th & 14th                              BOOKED

July 19th (Friday)                           BOOKED

July 20th (Saturday)                    Available

July 21st (Sunday)                         BOOKED

July 27th & 28th                             Available

August 3rd (Saturday)                       BOOKED

August 4th (Sunday)                          Available

August 10th & 11th                              Available

August 14th (Wednesday)                 BOOKED

August 17th & 18th                              Available

August 24th & 25th                            Available

August 31st (Saturday)                      BOOKED

September 1st (Sunday)                    BOOKED

September 7th (Saturday)           BOOKED

September 8th (Sunday)             Available

September 14th & 15th                  Available

September 21st (Saturday)         Available

September 22nd (Sunday)          BOOKED

September 28th (Saturday)       Available

September 29th( Sunday)          BOOKED

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

October 4th (Friday)                       BOOKED

October 5th (Saturday)                  BOOKED

October 6th  (Sunday)                    Available

October 12th (Saturday)                Available

October 13th (Sunday)                    Available

October 19th (Saturday)                 BOOKED

October 20th (Sunday)                   BOOKED

October 26th (Saturday)                 BOOKED

October 27th (Sunday)                    BOOKED

November 1st (Friday)                       BOOKED

November 2nd (Saturday)               BOOKED

November 3rd (Sunday)                    BOOKED

November 9th (Saturday)                BOOKED

November 10th (Sunday)                 Available

November 16th & 17th                        BOOKED

November 23rd & 24th                       BOOKED

November 30th & December 1st     BOOKED

December 7th & 8th                      Available

December 14th & 15th                   Available

December 21st (Saturday)           BOOKED

December 22nd (Sunday)            Available    

December 23rd (Monday)            BOOKED

December 28th (Saturday)          BOOKED

December 29th (Sunday)             BOOKED

December 30th (Monday)           BOOKED